Welcome To Green-Onyx Fertility Centre

Green-Onyx Fertility is a state of the art fertility centre with a result oriented programme. We are dedicated to helping couples in need by providing comprehensive fertility services to both female and male patients. A centre of excellence in fertility treatment.

Why We’re Different

Choosing the right fertility center in  Nigeria is an important decision. With so much on the line, both emotionally and financially, it’s crucial to “do your homework” before placing trust and your fertility future in the hands of a qualified expert.

At Green-Onyx Fertility Center, our model of patient care gives you the best chance for a successful fertility outcome. Our goal is for you to get pregnant fast and to experience a healthy and successful pregnancy in the shortest time possible!

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Experts in fertility

Using the latest proven techniques, our caring team of experts in fertility medicine work in partnership with you to develop a personal treatment plan. We provide first class individualised care that will give you the very best chance of completing your family at the earliest opportunity.


Why choose Green-Onyx Fertility Clinic?

  • Over 10 years of excellence at our Green-Onyx Ferility clinic
  • Consistently high IVF success rates
  • A uniquely personalised level of care
  • Dedicated genetics programme led by world class team
  • 96% patient satisfaction
  • The experience of a long established and dedicated team
  • Access to the latest cutting edge tests and treatments which enables us to design the best treatment plan for you

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