Egg Sharing

In this program, infertile couples that cannot afford the cost of IVF treatment have their treatment paid by an egg recipient couple. The egg sharer couple must be fit, healthy and under the age of 30 . The potential egg sharing donors are carefully assessed and screened for infectious and genetic diseases like we do for altruistic egg donors.

The egg sharer donor undergoes stimulation protocol for IVF, after the eggs are collected, they are shared between the donor and recipient couples. The donated eggs are then inseminated with sperm from the recipient’s partner while the other eggs will be inseminated with sperm from the donor’s partner.

Each couple will have their embryos transferred. This program may sometimes be the only source of hope for the older women. However, since it involves a third party, we usually recommend a trial of Assisted Hatching except in cases where there is no response to hormonal stimulation or when fertilization fails to occur.